In the fashion industry for
18 years, I specialize in ecommerce, strategies, marketing and fashion communication.

Currently, I am the ecommerce manager for Calvin Klein and iZod (PVH group). Before that, I was the creator and manager of Carmim apparel brand ecommerce and marketing director for the brand.


I am a pioneer in the online fashion market in Brazil. My work establishes a strategic vision focused on results in all processes involved in the business, from research and negotiation with suppliers to creative solutions for productivity gains.


I'm also a fashion photographer and a contributing editor, I write about behavioral trends and online sales for some publications.


On the personal side, I like to practice sports, mainly boxing and gym, traveling and enjoying the company of friends and family.


My objective in the management of Calvin Klein is to execute a plan of constant evolution and growth

The objective is to consistently increase the sales result taking into account the brand profile and the consumer experience. Being in the customer's shoes is an important part of the process, and allows you to visualize how the work will impact the shopping experience.


Monitoring Kpis, media plans, SEO (search engine optimization), CRO (conversion rate optimization), operation SLAs and customer satisfaction are a constant part of the growth plan.


Working at PVH Calvin Klein, I have the opportunity to use my talents and challenge boundaries with a balance between autonomy and responsibility. It is a company with a very collaborative environment that values ​​its culture and values. Certified by GPTW (great places to work), it does a great job of internal communication and employee engagement to provide development, motivation and goals towards a common goal.

In addition, part of the process of a successful operation is a productive interaction between departments and suppliers to build solid cooperative relationships between areas that involve e-commerce.


In my opinion, new projects and challenges are opportunities for evolution. They bring motivation to the team and force to revisit the processes to improve the operation.


I believe that experience and knowledge reinforce self-confidence, generate positive results for the company and promote a challenging environment for my team.


With my background in fashion marketing and as a photographer, I bring a detailed look to the communication and creation of images, always aligned with the vision of the business objectives.


Key e-commerce points through a Flagship Digital Store: Shifting the desire to consume from the physical stores to the online stores

  • How to develop an ecommerce operation and invest in a digital concept store?

  • How to project the relationship between inventory and sales targets?

  • How will my logistics guarantee product availability and deliveries?

  • What is the optimal media plan and return on investment (ROI) for my operation?

  • How can I work on my goals according to the seasonality of the retail calendar?

The answers to these questions are fundamental parts of the ecommerce operation.