As a Fashion Ecommerce professional, my objective is to elaborate a business strategy aligned with a deep understanding of the operation KPIs and metrics to achieve the goal according with the company's budget and growth forecast.


Currently Calvin Klein and IZOD PVH Ecommerce Manager with 17 years of experience in the fashion and apparel industry, former fashion strategist consultant and Carmim, a high end brand from Brazil, Head of Ecommerce and Marketing Director.

My work at Calvin Klein

The ecommerce as a Digital Flagship Store:

Bringing your consumer purchase from offline to online.

  • How and when is the moment to invest in a digital flagship store?

  • What is the best business model?

  • How to forecast inventory and sales goals?

  • How will my logistics guarantee product inventory and shipping?

  • What is my ideal media plan and return on investment (ROI)?

  • How to elaborate my sales goals forecast accordingly to the retail calendar?



Desenvolvimento do seu plano de Ecommerce personalizado, dentro da realidade de seu faturamento e perspectivas de mercado.


Visão macro de marketing, branding e vendas, equilíbrio entre loja offline e online.


Adequação correta do valor de investimento específico para o seu negócio e para o seu canal de venda digital.

Planejamento para trabalhar de forma rentável e alavancar novos clientes pra a marca.

Ganhar tempo e conhecimento para as tomadas de decisão com a minha experiência de estabelecer um dos primeiros ecommerces de moda do Brasil.

Constante aprimoramento em congressos de luxo e moda internacionais.

Como fotógrafo, meu olhar transforma em imagem o meu conhecimento e experiência como diretor de marketing, gestor de ecommerce e pesquisador das tendências internacionais.



  • Geração de conteúdo para venda e branding.

  • Análise de toda a comunicação e direção de arte.

  • Campanhas, fashion filmes e fotos para o site ecommerce.

  • Estudo e pesquisa da melhor linguagem e imagem para a marca.

  • Busca de oportunidades de vendas, estratégias e metas dos próximos períodos.

Estou à sua disposição para apresentar uma proposta de trabalho.

Clique aqui e saiba mais sobre minha formação e outras atividades que desenvolvi ao longo de minha carreira.

Reynaldo Pasqua

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As Ecommerce Manager at Calvin Klein I strive for continuous evolution.

I am a results driven strategic thinker who enjoys all the steps and processes of my work. From research and negotiations, to creativity and innovation, my goal is to improve sales results. 

Brand conscious and consumer oriented, I wear the consumer hat and imagine how my work will affect their buying and brand experience.

I do have a talent, and it´s natural to me, to interact and connect with people from different departments. To build solid and cooperative relationships is very important for a head of ecommerce as the business involves many areas of the company.

I see new projects and challenges as opportunities to grow and feel motivated to constantly review and excel any aspect of my work. I am a believer that knowledge and experience reinforces self-confidence. With that in mind, I promote a challenging work environment for my team.

Also, my background as a fashion marketer and photographer brings a unique and detailed eye for imagery creation, communications and business vision. 

When I started as Ecommerce Manager at PVH CK I elaborated a plan to increase sales, enhance consumer experience and all the kpi metrics. My goal is to operate a healthy efficient ecommerce business unit with an aggressive and forefront mindset to increase sales.

I started analyzing all current kpis status seeking realistic and viable improvement opportunities in the short, mid and long terms. After a year of executing the plan, our conversion rate, sales and number of orders all increased and after first implementing costumer reviews in the site we have today 90% of great and good satisfaction evaluation from our clients.

It has been challenging. While executing the plan I faced barriers that had to be carefully evaluated and implement changes to strategically overcome obstacles in order to achieve results. 

My operation continues to make daily improvements and I simultaneously started to work on exciting new projects to implement omnichannel and a new PVH brandportfolio ecommerce operations. 

Working at PVH Calvin Klein you have the opportunity to use your talents and push your limits within the balance of autonomy and responsibility. It’s a very collaborative company environment that enforces great values, modernity and empowerment. It does an outstanding job in internally communicating its culture and engage all associates to drive their effort, passion and goals to a common objective.

Outside the office I like to spend my time also working as a fashion photographer, doing research and writing about fashion, trends and business for a lifestyle magazine, practicing sports, mainly boxing and working, traveling, spending time with friends and family.